Injured Delridge bike rider needs our help

You may know that our #1 priority this year is making it safe to bike and walk in Delridge, getting improvements built into the RapidRide H multi-modal corridor project. Here’s why.

Please lend Emily and Jay a helping hand

Emily writes:

My husband was hit by a car riding his bike to work on 6/21 in the Delridge Way SW and Orchard St intersection, June 21st, his femur and hip were fractured in half and was in ICU at Harborview for 3 days.. I’m just really overwhelmed and stressing right now.. I have to admit I am really bad at asking for help because I’ve been such an independent person from a young age. I’m learning now that sometimes help is the only option and so I’m reaching out to groups that advocate for safe bike riding and safe streets for cyclists. I’ve had to really consider if we could make due without my income during this period of time but its become impossible. I appreciate all and any help. More than words can express. 

Please send them a little help and encouragement, and donate before you “share”. It’s dollars they need.

Please work with us and our Delridge neighbors to get safe streets for walking, biking, taking transit built into the Delridge RapidRide H Project.