Why we need concrete barriers on East Marginal Way

When trucks back up on East Marginal Way S, some drivers get impatient and decide the hell with anybody else.

This morning, lots of people commuting to downtown on bikes reported dangerous moves into the bike lane by autos, light trucks and heavy trucks. The white Ford pickup drove over half a mile in the bike lane, only to get stuck in traffic again. The silver-gray tractor with the eagle on the door drove in the bike lane and gravel shoulder at speed. The 22-wheel semi with the Maersk container mowed down new plastic post dividers while driving into the bike lane with bike riders close in front and close behind. Those plastic posts can’t take that impact. Neither can bike riders.

We need enforcement. SPD and Port Police advise us to call 9-1-1 as soon as we see this behavior. We did, Still happening later in the morning, as shown in others’ video.

We need engineering design and construction. Full separation with concrete barriers for the East Marginal Way Corridor project.