35th Ave SW Safety Corridor – Public Meetings


5 deaths in 7 years. Crashes all the time.

Please come and speak out for safety on “I-35”.

6:30 pm Tuesday March 10
High Point Neighborhood House, 6400 Sylvan Way

3:15 pm Thursday March 12
Southwest Branch Library, 35th & Henderson

We’d like SDOT to use this project to help build a safe, connected network of routes for people travel on foot or by bike.

  • Install a signal at Graham to make it safe for people to cross 35th.
  • Build the Greenways parallel to 35th on 34th and 36th/37th SW that are in the Bicycle Master Plan, for safe routes for people of all ages and abilities to walk and ride, with traffic calming.
  • Re-stripe 35th to have a dedicated turn lane and one through traffic lane each direction, to reduce car crashes and stop car drivers from hitting pedestrians when they zip around cars that are stopped for pedestrians crossing at intersections. Keep car parking and bus stops and load zones in the curb lanes on 35th.
  • Reduce the speed limit on 35th SW from 35 to 30 mph to give car drivers a better chance of seeing and stopping for people crossing on bikes, on foot, in wheelchair and scooters.
    IF you could drive the full 3.3 miles from Roxbury to Fauntleroy at the speed limit, making every light, never slowing, the time difference between 35 and 30 mph would be only 60 seconds. It could save a life.